August 1, 2014

About Ken Trent, Owner of Trent Pages

My name is Ken Trent, and I own Trent Pages websites. Back in 2007 I decided to build my first website, which consisted of 1 picture and 1 paragraph. I’ve come a long way since then. Now I regularly design and develop websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and others programming languages. It’s been a long, fun road to get here, and I’m thrilled to have traveled it.Trent Pages and an online presence (Ken Trent)

Over the years I’ve managed to finish two Masters Degrees (Communications and Business), earned professional Scrum certification, earned professional marketing certification, written a couple of books, and started Trent Pages websites. None of it was real easy, but all of it has been rewarding and valuable. I believe that my technology passion, IT industry experience, and communication/business education is a solid combination for putting my clients’ passions online.

And, for those interested, when I’m not building websites, I’m usually spending time with my wife and/or 6 kids. I love my family, and I’m incredibly fortunate to be the husband and father to these amazing people.


My Philosophy at Trent Pages

Confession: I have a full time job. I build websites because it tickles my creative and problem-solving passions. But this also means I don’t rely on Trent Pages websites for my primary income. This lets me charge less for my work, which benefits my clients. Don’t get me wrong – I still need to pay my student loans and feed a family of 8. But at the same time, I understand my clients have a lot of options, and some of them can be very expensive.

Ultimately, my simple hope is that clients of Trent Pages get their passion online at a reasonable price, and that I get better at my craft. That sounds like a pretty good Win-Win situation to me.